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A little about Leanne.

Leanne has performed for most of her life, beginning with choirs as a child. She started singing professionally at the age of sixteen at weddings, funerals, functions, concerts, festivals and public houses. 

She fronted and wrote for a band called ‘Bettylee and the Blonde’, was a front member and songwriter for Tau Tree Serpents, a member of ‘Ruairi and the Owls’, and is currently a part of California Soul. 

Leanne has collaborated with various artists including, David Lyttle, Air Drama and Conor McAteer.  At the moment she is collaborating with Daniel Millar and planning to have a summer full of writing and recording to release a winter album. Her voice has many qualities ranging from smooth jazzy sounds to rock, soul and country. Her use of dynamics when singing, really captures your attention as she truly means every word she shapes.

Leanne performs many styles and genres of music including Irish Traditional, Blues, Soul, Funk, Country, Classical, Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre and she can also sing A Capella. She enjoys composing harmonies and arrangements for songs as well as writing original songs, poetry, flash fiction, short stories and she has been involved in writing a play. Due to the skills she has acquired from the OCN Level 3 in Production she can record and produce original songs using Logic 10. She also have years of experience with live sound.

What others had to say.

“Leanne Doherty has a fantastic voice, she’s got an absolutely beautiful voice, I think she sounds incredible on that record (Salt)”.

Stephen McCauley, Electric Mainline (BBC Radio Foyle).

Tau Tree Serpents, "They sound like they have a story to tell and they’re telling it with a confident jazz-tinged swagger with excellent vocals and harmonies. Tau Tree Serpents command the attention of the audience with a genuine and versatile sound that can be nocturnal, alluring, joyful and constantly rich in melody."

Michael Ferry, Drive 105

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